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59 Years Of Experience In Turkish Musical Instruments Industry Since 1960!

Having 59 years of experience, Cangöz Müzik has been leading Turkish musical instruments industry with its prestigious brands since 1960!

Educational Institutions

Cangöz Müzik has been serving the leading educational institutions of Turkey with its expert team members!

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Cangöz Müzik Retail Stores

There are 6 retail Cangöz Müzik stores, 4 of them are located in Beyoğlu, Bakırköy, Istanbul, 1 of them are located in Kızılay, Ankara and 1 of them are located in İzmir

Cangöz Müzik has a guitars, pianos and brass & string instruments stores located at the very heart of Beyoğlu, Istanbul where it is known as musical instruments heaven! There is also Bakırköy Piano Store, and Kadıköy Store which have been happily serving musicians! Our Ankara store is also located at the heart of MI retail business in Ankara!

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Product Range

  • Acoustic and Dijital Pianos
  • Keyboards, Synthesizers, Accordions
  • Nylon & Steel String Acoustic Guitars, Flamenco Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars. Ukulele & Banjos
  • Acoustics Drums , Dijital Drums, Percussions
  • Brasswind, Woodwind, Orchestral and Marching Band Instruments
  • Acoustic & Electric String Instruments and Accessories
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Corporate Sales Partners

Cangöz Müzik products are accessible via its 600 dealers in Turkey! To become a dealer and get dealer prices for Yamaha, Ludwig, Laney, Kurzweil, Esp Ltd, Gibson, Epiphone, Gruv Gear, Washburn, Dean Markley, König & Meyer, Jay Turser, Parker, Ritter, Line6, D'addario Woodwinds, Conn Selmer, Jody Jazz, Vandoren, Sshhmute, Wittner, W.E.Hill & Sons, P. Mauriat, Bergner, Altamira, Admira, Silverstein, Hannabach, Hercules, Bach, Thomastik, Armstrong, Buffet Crampon, Jupiter, Roy Benson, Fox, Leblanc, Carlovy and many more brands, please visit our whole sale website!


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