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Cangöz Müzik was founded in Ankara by our founder Mehmet Cangöz as Can Trading Company in 1960. Cangöz Müzik has a history of 59 years of experience in musical instruments industry in Turkey by having taken many distributorships of prestigious brands has been always movers and shakers of this field of business.


Our founder Mehmet Cangöz foresaw where this sector of business was leading to and took necessary actions to relocate his company to Istanbul in order to reach more people and to provide better service. Then he passed the torch to his son, Nevzat Cangöz.


After having moved to Istanbul, the company changed its name to Cangöz Trading Company.

Since then, Cangöz Müzik has got many distributorships of world-renowned brands and has been happily serving its both retail and wholesale customers! Our company’s product range varies from claviers to strings, wind instruments to percussions and guitars to professional band instruments which aim to satisfy the needs of symphony orchestras, military and marching bands, conservatories and fine arts high schools nationwide.


We are the distributor of;

Yamaha, Esp, Ltd, Gibson, Epiphone, Washburn, Parker, Jay Turser, Crafter, Laney, Line 6, Ritter, Admira, Altamira, Hannabach, Dean Markley, La Bella, Gruv Gear, Electro-Harmonix, Conn-Selmer, Bach, Ludwig, Musser, King, C.G.Conn, Armstrong, Leblanc, Buffet Crampon, Emerson, Holton, Henri Selmer, Jupiter, P.Mauriat, Bulgheroni, Hammerschmidt-Klingson, Roy Benson, Fox, D’addario Woodwinds, Rovner, Vandoren, Silverstein, Jo-Ral, Sshhmute, Barre, Hot Swing, Rigotti, Pisoni, Neotech, Jody Jazz, Le Bayle,  Böhm, Dick, Majestic, Premier, Vancore, Oscar Adler, Nomad, Hercules, K&M, Thomastik Infeld, Pırastro, Dörfler, Bonmusica, Ultra, Carlovy, Almira, Bergner, Kun, Wolf, Kurzweil, Young Chang, Weber, Albert Weber, Ringway, Adagio, Kingston,Artesia, Wittner, Eno, Tycoon, Cox, Vater, Gewa, Miguel Angela ,Rosa, Carlos, Dadi, Alice, Joyo, Royal, Walther, Hitman.

Cangöz Müzik products are accessible via its 600 dealers in Turkey!  Customer satisfaction and providing the best service before and after sales has always been our primary focus!

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